Friday, October 2, 2009


As you can see I have been busy this last month. I have been busy making Tote bags for the craft fair that will November 17th at Viejas Casino. These are 3 of them. I hope to have about 8 more made before the fair. I am attaching ribbons and a small gift to each one. Don't know what just yet. Maybe a sachet, nail polish, clips??? Aren't they cute?
GO GREEN - RECYCLE - are the new buzz words!

These will make great gifts. They all have an inside pocket and are lined. The are also reversible. It measures aprox 10"x 13"

You can keep one in the car for emergency use. Stuff them with wipes, Kleenex, a tooth brush, deodorant, hair spray, Advil, and any other little thing you forget in the morning before leaving for work. Keep it at your desk or in the car. Even use it to replace plastic shopping bags while shopping. It's a great little tote for dashing out for a quick trip to the store or picking up the kids. Throw in your keys, wallet and cell phone! Ta da! It just became your purse.