Saturday, August 29, 2009

Etsy Gift Shop

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted in a while. I have been busy trying to figure out how to post my jewerly to Etsy... I have such a hard time taking the photos. Anyway I have a few items up for sale and will be putting more up when I can.

This Candy Jade faceted drop made a beautiful and simple necklace. I used a gun metal chain and wrapped the Jade drop with gun metal wire.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Domino Pendants - Coloring with Prismacolor Pencils

Here are two more pendants that I have colored with Prismacolor Pencils and framed with a black magic marker. I then spray Krylon matte finish over them to preserve the pendant and keep it water proofed. I added some 14K gold to the butterfly wings and the ea rings on the green girl. You probably can't see it in the photo that well. Sorry. These are stamped with Enchanted Gallery Rubber Stamps on larger domino's.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bandit - PaperCraft Cat

I guess everyone needs a little help when it comes to cutting and pasting......XXOO Ha!

Bandit is my 18 year old cat.
She loves to sit on my workspace and watch me create, although she gets in the way most of the time you can see she is content with watching me. You can see how much I use my Goo Gone! My workspace isn't very big and has to accommodate both my Jewelry supplies and Card supplies.

Pounded Antiqued Copper Heart Pendant

I made this pendant from some Antiqued & Pounded Copper Hearts I bought at the Gem Fair. I used copper chain and some Swarovski Crystals to help accent the hearts. The copper hearts were fabricated by Patrica Healey. She has a beautiful collection of copper findings and it is hard to pick out just a few. I have purchased quite a few of her pendants in the past.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Domino Pendants - Prismacolor Pencils - Butterfly

This is the same butterfly stamp I used vertical on the other domino I made. This one fits great on the smaller domino horizontally. You can actually see her wings better. I colored this one with Prismacolor pencils. I wired the domino so that the pendan has a vintage look also.

Domino Pendants - Prismacolor Pencils & Markers- Girl

I used Prismacolor Pencils in shading this image. I added just a little light color on her hair and dress. I colored her lips with a Prismacolor Marker and added some rhinestones to the flowers in her hair.
It's been fun trying out all of the different mediums for coloring these domino's. The markers help brighten the images and the pencils give a light color and shading to the domino.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Domino Pendants - Alcohol Inks - Small Queen

This is another small domino that I used the larger domino rubber stamp on. It actually fit perfectly on the small on also. The images look better as a partial image than a whole image, I think.

Domino Pendants - Alcohol Inks - Swirl

This is another small domino that I stamped with a partial image from a stamp I had laying around. Not sure what I got it. I used Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks and stamped the image with StazOn black ink. I added some rhinestones and wired it length ways to see how it would look.

I like the vintage look of this pendant after is was wrapped.

Domino Pendants - Prismacolor Markers - Girl

I used a small domino ( 1 1/2 x 3/4 inch) for this pendant and stamped it with the center of the butterfly stamp from The Enchanted Gallery. I colored it with Prismacolor Markers then used a black marker to fill in the top and bottom of the domino. I added a small pearl in the center of the flower.

The smaller domino's are very light. This one actually turn out very good. I thought I would have a had a hard time fitting an image on it but this turned out nicely.