Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Jewelry Line

For this piece I used a unique crescent shaped antique partial pocket watch movement as a base for the pendant. Still attached is a unique regulator brass bit that has a sliding little star that goes back and forth. This was used for controlling the speed of the pocket watch.
I specifically positioned the vintage clock hand so that it points toward ones heart when this necklace is worn. By adding antique gears to the hand and attaching it to the bronze filigree charm makes this metal crescent come alive. A painted leaf and peach colored flower connector adorned with crystals sits at the very top and an Aquamarine dangles from the bottom.

I used a bottle cap for the pendant. By gluing a photo inside the cap and adding some vintage watch parts (gears and such) I then glued on a clear plastic watch cover. All of the gears inside the bottle cap move and give the piece some interest. I also attached a watch gear on top for threading the chain. I glued an antique brass watch face to the back of the bottle cap also. An Aquamarine gemstone creates a perfect vintage drop dangling from the antique bronze chain.