Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!! Late Of Course..Now onto Valentines Day!

Well, I am finally so over Christmas! Glad to get back on track with my usually daily life. Took me a while to get there, huh? My only excuse is that I am getting slower as I get older.

I found a great website for tutorials on making paper product gifts. Chic n' Scratch is a great site to explore if you like working with paper.

I made these cute little treat gifts from a tutorial on her site. I added some Milky Way Candy Bar Bites....about 5 to start with but then I ate one... so there are only 4 in each treat gift. You could use chocolate heart candies but I didn't have any. I need to use up some of my Valentines paper.

I wished I knew how to take better pictures!!